EventLog Plugin for Mantis Bug Tracker
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EventLog is a logging plugin for Mantis Bug Tracker. This allows MantisBT components to log data that is then viewed via the EventLog plugin.

Installation Instructions

  • Place the EventLog folder under the MantisBT plugin folder.

  • Go to Manage - Manage Plugins and install the plugin.

  • Setup logging level in config_inc.php (see config_defaults_inc.php for documentation). For example:

  • Do some MantisBT activity (e.g. add notes, report bugs, etc).

  • Go to the event log view by clicking: Manage - Event log


You can see a demo of it on MantisHub where it is used to help administrators understand email notifications, answering questions like why did user X receive or didn't receive an email notification for issue Y.


EventLog Screentshot


  • Supports MantisBT v2.x -- use master branch
  • Supports MantisBT v1.3.x -- use master-1.3.x branch
  • Supports MantisBT v1.2.x -- use master-1.2.x branch