This plugin can be used to send periodic email reminders to bug reporters, managers, and assignees.
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Reminder Plugin

Copyright (c) 2009 Cas Nuy - -

Released under the GPL 2.0


This plugin can be used to send periodic email reminders to bug reporters, managers, and assignees.

The files in the plugins/Reminder/scripts directory should be run directly, from the command line.

  1. bug_feedback_mail.php sends emails to reporters listing all bugs awaiting their feedback.
  2. bug_reminder_mail.php sends emails to assignees when bugs are approaching their due date.
  3. assigned_bugs.php sends emails to assignees listing all open bugs that are assigned to them.


The plugin requires MantisBT version 1.3.0 or higher.

Make sure to have this statement in confg_inc.php:

$g_path = 'http://path-to-your-mantis-installation/';


Like any other plugin. After copying to your webserver :

  • Start mantis as administrator
  • Select manage
  • Select manage Plugins
  • Select Install behind Reminder
  • Once installed, click on the plugin's name for further configuration.

No Mantis scripts or tables are being altered.

Configuration options

// What is the body of the E-mail
reminder_mail_subject	= "Following issue will be Due shortly";

// What is the subject of the grouped E-mail
reminder_group_subject	= "You have issues approaching their Due Date";

// What is the start of the body of the grouped E-mail
reminder_groupbody1	= "Please review the following issues";

// What is the end of the body of the grouped E-mail
reminder_groupbody2	= "Please do not reply to this message";

// perform for which project
reminder_project_id = 0; means ALL

// how many days before Due date should we take into account
reminder_days_treshold  = 2;

// Should we use hours instead of days
reminder_hours		  	= OFF;

// Should we store this reminder as bugnote
reminder_store_as_note = OFF;
// only possible for handler

// For which status to send reminders
reminder_bug_status = ASSIGNED

// Ignore reminders for issues with no Due date set
reminder_ignore_unset = ON

// Ignore reminders for issues with Due dates in the past
reminder_ign_past = ON

// only valid for the mail function, downloads will always have duedates that have gone by

// Create overview per handler
reminder_handler = ON

// Group issues by Handler
reminder_group_issues = ON

// Group issues by project/handler
reminder_group_project = OFF

// Create overview per manager/project
reminder_manager_overview = ON
// access level for manager= 70
// this needs to be made flexible
// we will only produce overview for those projects that have a separate manager

// Select project to receive Feedback mail
reminder_feedback_project = 0; means ALL

// For which status to send feedbackreminders
reminder_bug_status = FEEDBACK

Automatically generating mail

Once configuration is complete, bug_reminder_mail.php script can be used as described below, depending on your operating system.


Use a cron job like this:

*/1440 *   *   *   * lynx --dump

or via PHP command line interface

*/1440 *   *   *   * /usr/local/bin/php /path/to/mantis/plugins/Reminder/scripts/bug_reminder_mail.php

This would send out a reminder every day.


You can use a scheduled task under Windows by calling a batch-file like:

REM *** this batch is running as a scheduled task under the ... Account ***
cd \inetpub\wwwroot\mantis
php.exe plugins/Reminder/scripts/bug_reminder_mail.php

Reminders for feedback status

One can also schedule a job to prompt reporters to respond because their issue has status Feedback. In that case use the same methods as described above, but replace bug_reminder_mail.php with bug_feedback_mail.php.


On top of that, I have created a little variant which will create a spreadsheet with issues getting due. Call script like:

If you do not apply parameters, the script will default to the above.

In the script directory you will also find a script called bug_reminder_mail_test.php, which you should call from within the browser (once logged on) to provide useful feedback if things are not working as expected. In case of a blank screen, all is processed normally.

For option Days/Hours, the script will fetch the plugin definition.


Log new issues against the [Plugin - Reminder] project on's tracker.

Main issue:

Source code is available on Github.


  • Mark Ziegler, German translation (May 2010)