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Define snippets of text that can be easily pasted into text fields
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Snippets plugin for MantisBT

Copyright (c) 2010 - 2012 John Reese -
Copyright (c) 2012 - 2018 MantisBT Team -

Released under the MIT license

See the Changelog.


Define snippets of text that can be easily pasted into text fields


The plugin requires MantisBT version 2.3 or higher.

If you need compatibility with older releases of MantisBT, please use legacy versions of the plugin, as per table below:

MantisBT version Plugin version
1.3 1.x (master-1.3.x branch)
1.2 0.6


  1. Download or clone a copy of the plugin's code.
  2. Copy the plugin (the Snippets/ directory) into your Mantis installation's plugins/ directory.
  3. While logged into your Mantis installation as an administrator, go to Manage -> Manage Plugins.
  4. In the Available Plugins list, you'll find the Snippets plugin; click the Install link.
  5. In the Installed Plugins list, click on the Snippets plugin to configure it.


Managing Snippets

  • Global snippets can be managed from Manage -> Manage Plugins.
  • User-specific snippets can be managed from My Account -> My Snippets.

The following placeholders are supported in the Snippet's text; they will be replaced by the corresponding contents when inserted:

Placeholder Description
{user} your username
{reporter} the bug reporter's name
{handler} the bug handler's name
{project} the project name

Using Snippets

Each configured text field will have a selection list above it, which can be used to pick the desired Snippet.

Once selection is made, the Snippet's text will be inserted in the field at the current position. If text is currently selected, the Snippet will replace the selection.

By default only the Bug Note field is configured to use Snippets. Other text fields (Description, Steps To Reproduce as well as Additional Information) can be setup to use Snippets via configuration page Manage > Global Snippets > Configuration.


The following support channels are available if you wish to file a bug report, or have questions related to use and installation:

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