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Changesets store author's id instead of committer

When a commit is authored by A and committed by B, Source_Parse_Users()
function incorrectly sets A's id instead of B's as the committer,
resulting in incorrect changeset information being stored in the DB.

Fixes #44
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1 parent 71c554a commit 602cc40b59063e0c47ce46f394f39b2e6e39f380 @dregad dregad committed Feb 22, 2013
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2 Source/Source.API.php
@@ -188,7 +188,7 @@ function Source_Parse_Users( $p_changeset ) {
# Look up the email address if given
- if ( $t_email = $t_email ) {
+ if ( $t_email = $p_changeset->committer_email ) {
jreese added a note Feb 22, 2013

Forgive me since it's been a long time, but should this actually be a double-equals, or is the assignment the correct behavior?

MantisBT Community Plugins member
atrol added a note Feb 22, 2013

I think this is correct.
This coding style is often used in this file.

morgant added a note Feb 22, 2013

Agreed. It's assigning the value to $t_email and checking that it's not "empty".

jreese added a note Feb 22, 2013

Thank you. I've obviously spent too much time writing Python since I worked on this stuff.

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if ( isset( $s_emails[ $t_email ] ) ) {
$p_changeset->committer_id = $s_emails[ $t_email ];

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