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View time reports functionality upgrade #3

merged 11 commits into from Dec 28, 2011

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Atrol told me in #10338 that this plugin is the NEW time reporting. I had earlier seen it but thought its functionality was not adequate and then continued with the OLD time reporting. I agree that this is better not messing with notes but needed to up it to at least the functionality that was present in the old. Now only a migration script is needed to finally retire the old.

So what has been done:

The show time reports page from the old with minor modifications has been added: (everyone can see their own reports, and currency field is not included since costing usually needs a lot more than just a field. Reporting page shows additional fields for each transaction and is also summarized for each user and bug. Viewers can see the time both as decimal and HH:MM format)

The make time report functionality in the issue page is changed to accept HH:MM format, like it was before.

I hope you like this and add it and we can continue do more things for it.


ok so I added a second commit featuring:

  1. Permissions make more sense now
  2. Project grouping for the report page
@mykbaker mykbaker merged commit e8143c9 into mantisbt-plugins:master Dec 28, 2011

Excellent job on this, changes look great.


yeay, how nice, thanks very much mykbaker :-)

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