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Documentation: fix docbook build errors on developers guide

  * duplicate id in Events_Reference_Output.xml
  * closing tag missing in Integrating.xml
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dregad committed May 17, 2013
1 parent 79b6dda commit 190f7458a88fcebff6d00424c76053718edba1ea
@@ -407,7 +407,7 @@
- <blockquote id="dev.eventref.output.layout.bodyend">
+ <blockquote id="dev.eventref.output.view_bug_attachment">
<title>EVENT_VIEW_BUG_ATTACHMENT (Output)</title>
@@ -45,19 +45,20 @@
recommended that you use a ready-made bundle, such as the Axis
bundle available from <ulink url="">
Eclipse Orbit</ulink>
+ </para>
<sect1 id="integrators.compatibility">
<title>Compatibility between releases</title>
<para>The SOAP API signature will change between minor releases, typically to add new functionality or to extend existing features.
<para>Some of these changes might require a refresh of the client libraries generated, for instance Apache Axis 1 SOAP stubs must be
regenerated if a complex type receives a new property. Such changes will be announced before the release of the new MantisBT version
- on the <ulink url=""> mantisbt-soap-dev mailing list</ulink> .
+ on the <ulink url=""> mantisbt-soap-dev mailing list</ulink> .
Typically there will be two weeks time to integrate the new SOAP stubs.</para>
<sect1 id="">

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