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Fix #13245: XSS issues with search.php parameters

Net.Edit0r ( from BlACK Hat Group
[] posted a vulnerability report for an XSS issue in
search.php for MantisBT 1.2.6.

The full report is available at

filter_api.php is the culprit for this vulnerability as it passes user
supplied search parameters back into output without first escaping the

It should be noted that numerous other XSS vulnerabilities (all related)
have been fixed with this patch. In other words, it is not just the
project_id parameter to search.php that was affected - it was numerous
other parameters/fields as well.

The second SQL injection vulnerability identified by Net.Edit0r is
invalid because the only time we ever make reference to "mbadmin" in the
source code is:

if ( file_exists( 'mantis_offline.php' ) && !isset( $_GET['mbadmin'] ) )

This usage is safe because nothing is ever done with $_GET['mbadmin'].
It may be the case that the user's customised version of
mantis_offline.php was incorrectly dumping the value of $_GET['mbadmin']
to the screen. The default/sample mantis_offline.php has been checked
and does not print any dynamically created strings/user supplied values.
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davidhicks committed Aug 18, 2011
1 parent 9869270 commit 317f3db3a3c68775de3acf3b15f55b1e3c18f93b
Showing with 67 additions and 67 deletions.
  1. +67 −67 core/filter_api.php

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