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Added .travis.yml file

Copied from master-1.2.x branch to prevent build failures, as 2.0 is
currently not setup for builds.
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1 parent a27636f commit 4eee38272cd20a76fd70f8e634d5013697571391 @dregad dregad committed Sep 16, 2013
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@@ -0,0 +1,19 @@
+language: php
+ - 5.3
+ - 5.4
+ - 5.5
+before_script: ./scripts/
+ - DB=mysql
+ - DB=pgsql
+script: phpunit --bootstrap ./tests/bootstrap.php ./tests/AllTests.php
+ only:
+ - master
+ - master-1.2.x

4 comments on commit 4eee382


atrol replied Sep 16, 2013

Is this is a bug in Github?
I would expect that they don't trigger a Travis run if there is no .travis.yml in a branch.


dregad replied Sep 16, 2013

Not a bug, that's just how travis works:

Travis CI will build after any git push to your GitHub project unless you instruct it to skip a build.


Travis will always look for the .travis.yml file that is contained in the branch specified by the git commit that GitHub has passed to us. This configuration in one branch will not affect the build of another, separate branch.


So, every time commits were pushed to master-2.0.x we got build failures

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