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Code Standards/PHP Doc improvements #211

merged 1 commit into from Jun 30, 2014

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This is the first commit on this branch.

I'll group them into batches so it might be feasible to have some sort of review (well..)

Batch 1:
Improvements to code base to follow coding standards (variable naming)
Improve phpdoc validation (formatting and types of attributes) - core api's E->Z so far.
Add type hints.

Batch 2: (to follow in an hour) will be core api's A-E and rest of code base.

I'll create a separate pull request to this one to cover a build process that any of us can run. Before doing that, i'll send a mantisbt-dev list email to get feedback on what OS's/tools our core developers run so I can test process validation scripts against those tools/OS's

Mantis Bug Tracker member
vboctor commented Jun 15, 2014

+1 - I would suggest adding the rest of the changes to the same pull request and do a bunch of testing before checkin. There is not much to review here. The changes are good, but hopefully no missed cases of changing the variable name in one spot but not another.

Mantis Bug Tracker member
dregad commented Jun 16, 2014


Please avoid the proliferation of pull requests, and stick all the related changes under this one - makes it easier to review and less confusing when there are discussions.

Mantis Bug Tracker member
dregad commented Jun 16, 2014

BTW that was a +1 on principle - I have not actually tested this and I hope you've done this carefully enough so as to not introduce any regressions this time around.

Mantis Bug Tracker member
atrol commented Jun 16, 2014

+1 on principle, had a cursory look but no tests.

@grangeway grangeway Code Standards/PHP Doc improvements
Improvements to code base to follow coding standards,
and improve phpdoc validation from PHP Codesniffer rules
@grangeway grangeway merged commit 5458f70 into mantisbt:master Jun 30, 2014

1 check was pending

Details continuous-integration/travis-ci The Travis CI build is in progress

I'll send a list mail tomorrow + get a phpcodesniffer ruleset up for review - was planning on doing that tonight but it's 00:40 and it's just taken me ages to test + deal with merge conflicts on this branch.

@grangeway grangeway deleted the unknown repository branch Jul 13, 2014
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