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Mantis PowerShell



Works with

Mantis Versions:

Operating Systems (all supported by PowerShell Core):

  • Mac OS X
  • Windows
  • Linux

Install PowerShell Core

Download Mantis Powershell

Download and extract Mantis PowerShell Release

Create an API token via Mantis UI

Create API Token as per the following article.

Import Mantis Module

Load Mantis PowerShell module in an open PowerShell terminal:

Import-Module ./mantis.psm1

Create Login Credentials File

Create ~/.mantis.companyname.json with contents like the one below including the appropriate URL and logical name for the instance.

Example for authenticated instance:

  "uri": "",
  "token": "YjQlU7OI0D..........sWC1vGaAuq3Q"

Example for anonymous access

  "uri": ""

Select the instance for all future commands:

Use-MantisInstance companyname

Note that the selected instance will be persisted on disk, hence, it will persist across PowerShell restarts. This is done by copying to .mantis.json. So if the configuration is changed, re-run the command Use-MantisInstance.

Get Mantis Version


Get Logged In User Info

Get-MantisUser -me

Getting Projects

Get projects accessible to logged in user:


Creating an issue

$issue = New-MantisIssue -summary "summary" -description "desc" -handler "vboctor" -project "mantisbt" -category "ui" -version "2.8.0" -priorty "high"
$issue | Add-MantisIssue

Importing a CSV file

Sample File (sample.csv)

"project", "category", "summary", "description"
"mantisbt", "ui", "test csv 1", "test csv 1"
"mantisbt", "ui", "test csv 2", "test csv 2"

Importing the file

Import-Csv -Path ./sample.csv | New-MantisIssue | Add-MantisIssue 

Creating an issue with custom fields

$issue = New-MantisIssue -summary "summary" -description "desc" -project "mantisbt" -category "ui" -customFields @{ "The City" = "Seattle", "Root Cause" = "Code Bug" }
$issue | Add-MantisIssue

Getting an issue by Id

Get-MantisIssue 1

Getting multiple issues by id

@(1, 2, 3) | Get-MantisIssue

Get issue history by id

$issue = Get-MantisIssue 1

Getting issues

Get the first page of issues with default page size:


Get a specific page and page size:

Get-MantisIssue -page 5 -pageSize 50

Updating Issues

Assign issue 1 to vboctor

New-MantisIssue -id 1 -handler "vboctor" -status "assigned" | Edit-MantisIssue

Assign a set of issues to vboctor

@(1, 5, 10) | New-MantisIssue -handler "vboctor" -status "assigned" | Edit-MantisIssue

Assign a batch of issues to vboctor

Get-MantisIssue -page 1 -pageSize 5 | New-MantisIssue -handler "vboctor" -status "assigned" | Edit-MantisIssue

Deleting an issue

Delete an issue via its id

Remove-MantisIssue 1

Delete an issue via ids on pipeline

@(1, 2, 3) | Remove-MantisIssue

Delete an issue via issue on pipeline

Get-MantisIssue 1 | Remove-MantisIssue

Exporting an issue as a Json file

Get-MantisIssue 1 | ConvertTo-Json -Depth 100 | Out-File issue000001.json

Getting config options

Retrieve a single config option:

Get-MantisConfig webmaster_email

Retrieve multiple config options in one call to Mantis:

@("status_enum_string", "priority_enum_string") | Get-MantisConfig

Retrieve multiple config options and dumping them to an config.json file:

@("status_enum_string", "priority_enum_string") | Get-MantisConfig | ConvertTo-Json -Depth 100 | Out-File config.json

Getting localized strings

Get a single string

Get-MantisString login_anonymously

Get multiple strings in one call to Mantis

@("login_anonymously", "anonymous") | Get-MantisString

Get multiple strings and dump them to a json file

@("login_anonymously", "anonymous") | Get-MantisString | ConvertTo-Json -Depth 100 | Out-File lang.json