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Action Painting Demo Apps:

Here's a few techniques I used to collect shapes from action film sequences for an artwork called Action Painting.

Action Painting is a series of animated paintings in the style of Jackson Pollock composed using sampled shapes and sounds from action flicks as material.

You can view the animations at

01_ColorPicking demonstrates how to use openCV to extract and save shapes of a specific color using a rotoscope-like technique 02_MovieColorTracking demonstrates how to track colors within the frames of movies to create painterly animations 03_MovieColorTracking demonstrates how to track movement within the frames of movies to create painterly animations 04_WeightedBezier demonstrates how to create Bezier curves using shapes extracted using openCV

These apps were made with OpenFrameworks and require version 0.71 to compile:

These apps use the following CC media from

"Sprengung der Fliegerbombe / Schwabing, Muenchen / 28.8.2012" By Simon Aschenbrenner:

"The Target" by Jacob Dow: