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VIM - Plugin - dirsettings


This is a simple plugin that allows per directory settings for your favourite editor VIM. This plugin is mainly inspired by the already existing plugin named dirsettings, see:

But this plugin goes a little step further. It walks the whole directory tree up to the root and on its way back it sources each found ".vimrc". This allows to overwrite specific settings even in subdirectories which inherit the settings of each parent directory. Furthermore if a .vim folder is found in one of the parent directories it is added to the runtime path and therefore treated as the .vim folder inside the home dir.

Additionally it checks for a ".vim/tags" file and appends it to the tag list. This is better than a "tags" file in the current working directory for source control reasons.

The plugin uses four autocommands (BufNewFile, BufReadPre, BufWinEnter, BufEnter) with the autocommand group dirsettings (by default). It calls an internally used function to load directory specific settings, and sets a flag for the own autocommands so that they are not executed twice which would result in an endless recursion. After the flag was set, the current event is recalled which executes all other defined autocommands. This explains why the call to dirsettings#Install() should be the very first command in your .vimrc. Otherwise it could happen that previously defined autocommands are called twice.


With pathogen:

This is the tested way to install and use the plugin, however it should work with every other bundle manager or even without one.

  1. Change into the directory where pathogen expects your bundles:

    git clone <github-url> ./dirsettings.git
  2. Create a symbolic link to the autoload vimscript provided by this package:

    ln -s <path-of-this-package>/autoload/dirsettings.vim ~/.vim/autoload/

    Or copy the provided autoload vimscript into your autoload directory:

    cp <path-of-this-package>/autoload/dirsettings.vim ~/.vim/autoload/
  1. Add the following content at the top of your .vimrc (if you want to be able to modify the runtimepath before pathogen is invoked, it is important that this statement is executed before pathogen#infect is executed):

    call dirsettings#Install()

Tips and tricks

  1. In order to set directory specific settings, try to use always setlocal instead of set. Otherwise these settings will affect other buffers.

Known issues

Global settings affect all buffers

It is perfectly fine to set global options within a per-directory-vimrc-file but you have to understand that these global options will affect all buffers of the currently running vim instance. As I know it is not possible to use global options on a buffer level. Feel free to send me an email if you have any suggestions to solve this issue. However, if you want to use this plugin to run a vim instance inside a directory which uses global per-directory-settings which are fine to affect all buffers inside this vim instance and you run another vim instance inside another directory which does not load these directory-settings, it works like a charm.


Thanks to Jakob Westhoff for adding support for .vim folders.

Thanks to Jakob Westhoff and Tobias Schlitt for adding some tests.


This plugin allows to define vim configuration settings per directory



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