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This repo contains translations for PoWH3D.


There are two sections to the translations:

Each of these is translated through a common.json file for each language.

Translating P3D to a New Language

How to translate?

  1. Go to and fork the repo to your own account.
  2. Create a new directory under "exchange" (for the exchange) or "frontend" (for the main website) with your country-code (i.e. de for german)
  3. Create a new file called common.json and fill it with the content of the already existing common.json from the exchange/en/ or frontend/en/ directory.
  4. Translate the content and open a pull request of your fork back into mantso's Github.

For more detailed instructions, please check for a newbies guide to creating translations.

Languages Supported

We have the following languages supported at the moment:

  • en - By @mantso
  • de - By @sumpunk

and many more translations are wanted! Please submit your translations to us by submitting a pull request.