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Mapping the collusion and biases inovting between countries in the Eurovision song contest (JASSS 2017)
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Which countries exhibit collusion or biases when voting in the Eurovision song contest?

(this research was done between Alexander V. Mantzaris, Samuel R. Rein, Alexander D. Hopkins; based at the University of Central Florida), currently availabe at JASSS; (if you use the data for publication please cite this work for which it has been curated for)


  • written in Julia
  • the dataTables folder provides in CSV format the judges scores for each country during the competitions from 1957 till 2017 with row and column headers to understand easily 'for a country in a particular year, how did that country award the scores it had available'?
  • The code provided computes statistically significant edges between countries for periods of years. We compute the edge set for periods of years (annual event) over time window producing a set of edges which allows use to see different networks of edges representing biases (1 way or 2 way)

This answers the questions,

  1. Did country X give country Y substantially more scores from 1995-2005? (1 way bias)
  2. How many times did country X give country Y substantial votes in 1975-2010 over periods of 5 years?
  3. Do Countries X and Y reciprocate the biased voting to 'collude' in sharing scores? (2 way bias)
  4. Can we see in a graph the set of edges between all countries that exhibited 1 way or 2 way bias?
  5. If we look at a period of X years, is the collusion present in both halfs of this period if we brea the years into 2 different segments?

Running the code for the hypothetical scenario, of looking at the period 1990-2010 where the significance is determined in every 5 years.

  1. include("Mantzaris.jl)
  2. include("demo.jl")
  3. demo(1990,2010, 5)

The output figures are all produced with intuitive names and captions in the local directory

Looking at years 2007-2017 in two 5 year batches

We see in these two periods of 5 years how many times (max 2) collusion between countries existed.

alt text

Looking at the years 1995-2000 in a single 5 year significance window

We look for the one way biased score allocations between countries in black arrows and the two way collusive edges in red.

alt text

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