Music streaming server over HTTP
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Source Files:
  * src/playlist/:   routines handling the music library
  * src/network/:    routines handling the network connections
  * src/mstream/:    main routine & error management
  * src/sharedlib/:  some general utilities (list, string routines, etc)

  Type make to install muziqstreamer, make clean to remove all but the source
  files, make clobj to remove the object files.

  * Concurrent serving is achieved by implementing a pre-threaded technique,
    faster than the normal technique of one-thread per client. The server
    creates a pool of threads by the time it starts, and then each thread
    waits to accept a client. The number of threads in the pool can be
    optionally specified by the administrator (option -t), otherwise a default
    value of 15 is used.
  * The server can be normally terminated only by a SIGINT signal (Ctrl-C).
  * The server logs the following:
      [<-] Peer name & GET request for incoming connections
      [->] Response code to each incoming request
      [--] Occurred errors
  * Library may contain: mp3, ogg, aac, wma, m4a, m4p, flac & m3u.
  * Tested under linux (totem, vlc, firefox).
  * To get back a list of every song in library give 'http://.../songsearch/'.

  Yannis Mantzouratos - June 2009