Minimal polyfill for <template>
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A polyfill for <template>.


This repository contains a fork maintained by Manuel Baclet of webcomponents/template.


npm install template-mb

Browser support

Chrome Firefox IE/Edge Opera Safari
Flawless native ≥35 ≥22 - ≥22 ≥9
Buggy native 26-34 (i) - 13-15 (c,i) 15-21 (i) 6.2, 7.1, 8 (c,i)
Polyfill ** - - 11 - -
Polyfill * 15-25 - 9-10 11.6-12.16 -

On line "Buggy native", c denotes problems when using Node.cloneNode on templates or nodes that contain templates; i denotes problems when using Document.importNode on templates or nodes that contain templates. The polyfill fixes those problems.

On "Polyfill **" line, <template> will have correct prototype HTMLTemplateElement (unlike browsers on "Polyfill *" line).

Polyfill caveats

Subdocument templates

Templates included in subdocuments (such as HTMLImports) need to be bootstrapped before being usable by calling:

if (window.HTMLTemplateElement.bootstrap) window.HTMLTemplateElement.bootstrap(otherDoc);

Inherent limitations

Polyfilled templates are not as inert as native templates. For examples, scripts will be executed and images will be loaded.

In some rare situations, the HTML parser may break the template content. For example:

<template id="table-fragment">

will give you an empty template. To handle such situations, you can create the template element with JavaScript:

var template = document.createElement('template');
template.innerHTML = '<tr><td>a</td><td>b</td></tr>';

or use a <script> tag:

<script id="table-fragment" type="text/template">

and prepare the template with JavaScript:

var script = document.querySelector('#table-fragment');
var template = document.createElement('template'); =;
template.innerHTML = script.text;
script.parentNode.replaceChild(template, script);


Everything in this repository is BSD style license unless otherwise specified.

Copyright (c) 2016 The Polymer Authors. All rights reserved.