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Catalog of made with Manubot manuscripts
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Manubot Catalog

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Manubot is a workflow and set of tools for the next generation of scholarly publishing. Learn more at

This repository stores a catalog of mansucripts that were made using Manubot. These manuscripts are displayed at The catalog.json file produced by this codebase is available at


We encourage anyone to add mansucripts to the catalog. In-progress manuscripts are acceptable. Basically, any manuscript that has a substantial amount of content that is not part of Rootstock is of interest.

To add a manuscript to the catalog, add a record in catalog.yml. catalog.yml is a YAML formatted file. An example manuscript with documentation comments is below:

- repo_url:  # URL to GitHub repository with Manuscript source code
  html_url:  # URL for Manubot HTML output (usually hosted by GitHub Pages)
  thumbnail_url: https://url_for_image.png  # optional: square screenshot (showing part of html_url) used as manuscript thumbnail image.
  preprint_citation: doi:10.1101/142760  # optional: Manubot-style citation for a preprint corresponding to the manuscript
  journal_citation: doi:10.1098/rsif.2017.0387  # optional: Manubot-style citation for a published article corresponding to the manuscript

For more information on how to create citations for preprint_citation and journal_citation, see Manubot's citation-by-identifier documentation here. Note that in the future, we plan to scan the source repository for a thumbnail image, such that thumbnail_url may be a temporary field.

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