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Case sensitive environment variables in setup instructions

Merges #138
Closes #137

* Case sensitive environment variables

* Update phrasing borrowing dhimmel ideas

* Change account to username
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agitter committed Oct 9, 2018
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@@ -9,10 +9,12 @@ Setup is supported on Linux and macOS, but [**not on Windows**](https://github.c

First, you must configure two environment variables (`OWNER` and `REPO`).
These variables specify the GitHub repository for the manuscript (i.e. ``).
Make sure that the case of `OWNER` matches how your username is displayed on GitHub.
In general, assume that all commands in this setup are case-sensitive.
**Edit the following commands with your manuscript's information:**

# GitHub account (change from greenelab)
# GitHub username (change from greenelab)
# Repository name (change from manubot-rootstock)

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