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Output directory containing the formatted manuscript

The gh-pages branch hosts the contents of this directory at https://$$REPO_NAME/. The permalink for this webpage version is https://$$REPO_NAME/v/$TRAVIS_COMMIT/. To redirect to the permalink for the latest manuscript version at anytime, use the link https://$$REPO_NAME/v/freeze/.


This directory contains the following files, which are mostly ignored on the master branch:

The v directory contains directories for each manuscript version. In general, a version is identified by the commit hash of the source content that created it.


The *.ots files in version directories are OpenTimestamps which can be used to verify manuscript existence at or before a given time. OpenTimestamps uses the Bitcoin blockchain to attest to file hash existence. The script run during continuous deployment creates the .ots files. There is a delay before timestamps get confirmed by a Bitcoin block. Therefore, .ots files are initially incomplete and should be upgraded at a later time, so that they no longer rely on the availability of a calendar server to verify., which is run during continuous deployment, identifies files matched by webpage/v/**/*.ots and attempts to upgrade them. You can also manually upgrade timestamps, by running the following in the gh-pages branch:

ots upgrade v/*/*.ots
rm v/*/*.ots.bak
git add v/*/*.ots

Verifying timestamps with the ots verify command requires running a local bitcoin node with JSON-RPC configured, at this time.


The manuscripts in this directory were built from $TRAVIS_COMMIT.

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