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I-Doser .drg files to .sbg converter
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This program takes a .drg file from I-Doser and convert it to an .sbg SBaGen file.

The authors of this project have nothing to do with I-Doser, I-Doser is a registered

This project does not supports piracy or any illegal action, the use of this product 
must be stricly to pass .drg files to .sbg for later convertion to .wav or similar 
portable format, for those who (as the author) doesn't have a Windows pc to play the

This project will never be possible without the help of "The Unofficial I-Doser Blog"
and their _steAlth_'s DRG Author by konstAnt and _khAttAm_ to tell the truth this is
a rip off stripped version of konstAnt and _KhAttAm_ _steAlth_'s DRG Author. They did
all the work with the .drg files, I just port some parts of it to C.

* Convert drg file into sbagen format
* Extract every part of the drg file (description, title, image, sbagen code)
* Create drg files

Related links:
* (Main Engine, the binaural generator)
* (The company who makes the .drg files)
* (The place to buy good .drg files)
* (The guys who made this possible)
* (Useless blog)

Manuel Argüelles
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