Erlang configuration provider / application:get_env/2 on steroids
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Confetti is configuration provider for your Erlang applications.

Basically it's application:get_env/2 on steroids.


  1. Management console (accessible via telnet) - maintenance department will love you for this:

    • Configuration reload in runtime (designated processes receive notifications on reload)

    • Easily extensible with your own management commands (plugins!)

    • (TODO) broadcast working configuration across the Erlang cluster

       ![Confetti management console](
  2. Configuration supervision:

    • Increase your system's uptime - previous working configuration is DETS-cached in case someone messes up the configuration files

    • Broken config for process_a can not break process_b

      Confetti supervision tree

  3. Easy to use



    %% your process
    %% (...)
    init([]) ->
        confetti:use(my_foo),   %% reads configuration terms
                                %% from "conf/my_foo.conf",
                                %% spawns new configuration provider
                                %% if needed...
        confetti:fetch(my_foo),  %% fetches the configuration terms
        {ok, #state{}}.
    %% (...)
    %% react to configuration changes
    handle_info({config_reloaded, NewConf}, State) -> (...)
  4. Customizable

    • Write configuration validators and more:

      confetti:use(foo, [
          %% Specify config file location
          {location, {"conf/bar", "foo.cnf"},
          %% Make sure it's more than just correct Erlang term
          %% or even transform the terms into something!
          %% Validator funs should accept Config and return {ok, NewConf}
          %% on success, error otherwise.
          {validators, [fun validate_foo_config/1]},
          %% ignore notifications for current process
          {subscribe, false}
    • Expose any module via the management console:

      export([foo/1, foo/3]).
      foo(help) ->
          "Foo does bar two times!".
      foo(Param1, Param2, Param3) ->
          %% perform command logic
          "bar bar".

      Let confetti know about it:

      %% conf/mgmt_conf.conf
      {port, 50000}.
      {plugins, [my_commands]}.

      Assuming your application is already running, perform live management configruation reload:

      $ telnet localhost 50000
      (nonode@nohost)> reload mgmt_conf
    • Provide your own welcome screen to the management console, i.e.:

      $ figlet MyApp > priv/helo.txt

Try it out quickly

  1. Obtain the source code
  2. rebar compile; erl -pa ebin -s confetti_app
  3. 1> example_srv:start_link().
  4. telnet localhost 50000
  5. Type help for available commands, and help COMMAND for command usage details.


BSD License. See LICENSE file for details.


Adam Rutkowski <>


Feel encouraged to spot bugs/poor code and implement new sexy features.

Also, make sure, you add yourself to the authors where appropriate! Thanks.