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PHP Application Server (using JavaScript)
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PHP Application Server (PHAS) is a system to write dynamically the code in production with a version control.

DISCLAIMER This system was a proof-of-concept and is not finalized. There are a lot of improvements to be performed and it's not recommeded to use in a production system.

The system is based in different elements:

  • lib (and htdocs) is the place where PHP code lives.
  • phasweb is a Django interface to handle the code.

The code should be wrote in JavaScript in the web interface. The system uses spidermonkey as JavaScript interpreter on top of PHP.

The main idea was keep publish as many low level components in PHP interfacing to JavaScript as possible and let to the users perform the modifications on-the-fly. But there are a lot of changes to perform:

  • Unify the base language (use or only Python or only PHP for the system and web interface)
  • Use version control for the whole group of APIs not only based on calls or use specific tags or versions.

If you want to collaborate, make a fork, open an issue and/or send a pull-request.


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