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Claws XMPP over AMQP

This claw uses AMQP to sends/receives packets to the XMPP Server. There are no officially support for this but snatch could do performs the gateway action configuring an XMPP Component claw and this one. This way everything send from the XMPP Server to the component could be received by our implementation and send back to this claw to be enqueued for another clients.

DISCLAIMER This claw has been tested using RabbitMQ. You can use other AMQP servers but we cannot warranty they could works in the same way.

We can start this claw in this way:

Params = #{jid => <<"">>,
           host => "",
           username => <<"guest">>,
           password => <<"guest">>},
{ok, PID} = claws_rabbitmq:start_link(Params).

The options are as follow:

  • jid the Jabber Identification to use for the component / user. Is intended to be a full JID.
  • host the AMQP hostname where to be connected.
  • username the username for the AMQP authentication.
  • password the password for the AMQP authentication.

The system is following these steps:

  1. Connect to the AMQP system.
  2. Open a channel.
  3. Create and bind queues.

The queues and exhanges created by the claw are the following ones:

  • Exchange xmpp_direct (direct)
  • Exchange xmpp_fanout (fanout)
  • Queue xmpp_direct:FullJID (direct) is created to receive direct messages.
  • Queue xmpp_fanout:FullJID (fanout) is created to receive messages sent to all of the connected consumers of the full JID.
  • Queue xmpp_direct:BareJID (direct) is created to receive direct messages to the bare JID. Useful for load balancing and avoid to receive the same stanza in all of the servers connected to the same bare JID.
  • Queue xmpp_fanout:BareJID (fanout) is created to receive messages sent to all of the servers and when the stanzas should be received for all of the connected servers using the same bare JID.

The way it works is when you receive a packet from AMQP that packet is sent back to snatch and to the implementation with a #via{} information and the field exchange filled.

If you want to send a stanza, based on the JID, directly (direct) to the other party you can use:

claws_rabbitmq:send(<<"<presence/>">>, <<"">>).

Or using the broadcast (fanout) this wat:

claws_rabbitmq:publish(<<"<presence/>">>, <<"">>).

The use of snatch:send/2 is limited this time to only direct messages so you can use whatever of them, the snatch one or the claws_rabbitmq one.

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