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yuilop eredis wrapper for pool and sharding
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Yuilop eredis wrapper for pool and sharding.

The system can be launched throught yredis:start_link(Config) and Config is defined as:

{Shard, {Server, Port, Database, Password, PoolSize}}

The options mean:

  • Shard: key to use a database pool instead of other. default are used if none matchs.
  • Server: redis server IP or hostname.
  • Port: redis server port number.
  • Database: database number (see Redis SELECT).
  • Password: password to access to redis server (an empty list means none password).
  • PoolSize: connections pool size.

An Example:

Config = [
   {default, {"", 6379, 0, "", 5}},
   {users, {"", 6380, 0, "", 5}}

You can use this configuration with the following code:

yredis:command(users, ["GET", "mykey"]). %% query to users
yredis:command(customers, ["GET", "mykey"]). %% query to default

Thanks for using it.

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