Code for "Growth in the Shadow of Expropriation", Quarterly Journal of Economics. May 2011, 126(2), p.651-697.
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"Growth in the Shadow of Expropriation"

Quarterly Journal of Economics. May 2011, 126(2), p.651-697.

Mark Aguiar and Manuel Amador

September 2010

Online data and code appendix

All the code is in Python 2.7. To run a python file, just download the appropriate python distribution for your computer from

Description of the files:

  • File "data_www.csv" contains the raw data used for plots I and II of the paper.

  • File "" contains the Python code to generate plots I and II. File "data_work_mathematica.m" generates the same plots in Mathematica.

  • File "" contains the code to generate the speeds of convergence for the linearized model.

  • File "" contains the main code that runs the simulations of the model.


In a Linux distribution, from the command line, issue the following commands:

$ python

$ python

$ python

And figures will be generated in the current directory.

Be sure that you have python, as well as the numpy and scipy packages installed in your machine.