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"Growth in the Shadow of Expropriation"

Quarterly Journal of Economics. May 2011, 126(2), p.651-697.

Mark Aguiar and Manuel Amador

September 2010

Online data and code appendix

All the code is in Python 2.7. To run a python file, just download the appropriate python distribution for your computer from

Description of the files:

  • File "data_www.csv" contains the raw data used for plots I and II of the paper.

  • File "" contains the Python code to generate plots I and II. File "data_work_mathematica.m" generates the same plots in Mathematica.

  • File "" contains the code to generate the speeds of convergence for the linearized model.

  • File "" contains the main code that runs the simulations of the model.


In a Linux distribution, from the command line, issue the following commands:

$ python

$ python

$ python

And figures will be generated in the current directory.

Be sure that you have python, as well as the numpy and scipy packages installed in your machine.


Code for "Growth in the Shadow of Expropriation", Quarterly Journal of Economics. May 2011, 126(2), p.651-697.



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