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akka failure detector benchmark

This project runs a benchmark for failure detectors (FD) against an akka cluster. Get more of the background in this article.


Configure the benchmark by creating the file conf/application-prod.conf (it is included in the main conf/application.conf).

You'll need to configure Mailgun credentials and a benchmark plan, like so: = "<reporting email>"
reporting.mailgun.domain = "<mailgun domain>"
reporting.mailgun.key = "<mailgun key>"

benchmark.plan = [
  { fd: "akka.remote.AdaptiveAccrualFailureDetector", threshold: 0.2 },
  { fd: "akka.remote.AdaptiveAccrualFailureDetector", threshold: 0.25 },
  { fd: "akka.remote.AdaptiveAccrualFailureDetector", threshold: 0.3 },
  { fd: "akka.remote.PhiAccrualFailureDetector", threshold: 8 },
  { fd: "akka.remote.PhiAccrualFailureDetector", threshold: 9 },
  { fd: "akka.remote.PhiAccrualFailureDetector", threshold: 10 }


First, build the benchmark JAR:

sbt assembly

Next, checkout the Terraform project at

You will need to manually copy the resulting JAR file from the previous step into the terraform project folder, it is expected to be named akka-fd-benchmark.jar.

Follow the installation instructions of the terraform project (you will need to create a consul cluster) and then run the terraform job, which will also result in running the benchmark.

Do not forget to remove the infrastructure after the benchmark has run using terraform destroy.