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Better feature test #1

mathiasbynens opened this Issue Aug 8, 2011 · 4 comments

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To check for native <details> support you may want to use a more robust feature test. WebKit had implemented the IDL attributes (so 'open' in document.createElement('details') === true) long before it actually supported <details>.

For a more robust solution, see and especially


Oh, thank you for this information!


Did you know about my polyfill before you started yours? Just wondering if there was anything in particular you didn’t like about my version. I appreciate any feedback!


No. I just didn't know until I was almost done. If I had seen it before I had probably never created my own polyfill ;)

Now it's my goal to make it not-jQuery-dependend.

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Could you add a comment with a link to above the feature test?

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