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Broken headline workaround
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@@ -74,28 +74,24 @@ geolib.isPointInside(
); // -> true</pre>
-### isPointInCircle(object latlng, object center, integer radius)
+<h3>isPointInCircle(object latlng, object center, integer radius)</h3>
Similar to is point inside: checks whether a point is inside of a circle or not.
Returns true or false
-#### Example
<pre>// checks if 51.525, 7.4575 is within a radius of 5km from 51.5175, 7.4678
geolib.isPointInCircle({latitude: 51.525, longitude: 7.4575}, {latitude: 51.5175, longitude: 7.4678}, 5000);</pre>
-### orderByDistance(object latlng, mixed coords)
+<h3>orderByDistance(object latlng, mixed coords)</h3>
Sorts an object or array of coords by distance from a reference coordinate
Returns a sorted array [{latitude: x, longitude: y, distance: z, key: property}]
-#### Examples
// coords array
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