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Wirekite – Control digital and analog IOs and I2C directly from your computer

Wirkekite let's you wire up digital and analog inputs and outputs incl. I2C to your Mac or Windows computer. From there, you control them with software written in Objective-C, Swift, C#, Visual Basic .NET running on your computer.

To connect the inputs and outputs, wire them to an inexpensive Teensy board and connect to your computer via USB. It looks a lot like an Arduino Nano connected for programming. Yet with Wirekite your code runs on your PC or Mac; you don't download your program to the microcontroller board.

Getting Started

To get started:

  1. Prepare the Teensy board

  2. Install CocoaPods (MacOS only)

  3. Write your first Xcode project (MacOS) or Visual Studio project (Windows)

Reference Documentation

Supported boards

  • Teensy LC
  • Teensy 3.2

Supported inputs / outputs / protocols

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