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My contributions and utilities for the awesome libgdx game development framework.
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My contributions and utilities for the awesome libgdx game development framework. Project files and instructions are for Eclipse 3.7.2 (Indigo) or higher, but others may work as well with some adaptation.

All available projects in the repository will be added to the following list with a brief description:

utils Common utilities used across the contributions. post-processing A lightweight, GLES2-only library to ease development and inclusion of post-processing effects in libgdx applications and games.

Cloning and importing the projects in Eclipse

Start by cloning the libgdx-contribs repository in your preferred directory:

Then import libgdx-contribs-utils and choose to import the project you want, for example libgdx-contribs-postprocessing.

In Eclipse, File->Import and point it to the utils folder, accept the defaults or change to your likings and import the project, then do the same with the project you choose to use. At this point you should have both projects built, if Build automatically has been setup in your workspace, else build them manually.

Demo applications

I plan to add demos to the projects, so look for a demo folter inside the project folder you have choosen, for example the postprocessing project have one, so just File->Import in Eclipse and point it to the postprocessing/demo folder to import it into your workspace.

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