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Updated README with Android-specific known issues

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## Known issues
-Probably quite a few bugs live in there :)
+* **Error: Java.Lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com.bitfire.utils.ShaderLoader. (Android)**
+* **More obscure Dex-related errors (Android)**
+Thanks to CatalystNZ for figuring this out.
+It looks like the fix is pretty simple: one should track dependency usage in the projects and the projects it depends on, and carefully avoid to have both projects reference the same source.
+So referencing *gdx.jar* is enough and **DO NOT** link any gdx source in the contribs project (else, reference the sources and DO NOT use the .jar files anywhere).
+## Notes
+Probably quite a few other bugs live in there :)
Please [report them]( on github!

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