A desktop application for handling vk.com in an easy way.
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Note: this project has two different main repositories. Here is the official repository, hosted in my Gitlab Instance, Here is a mirror repository hosted in GitHub. Github repository will accept pull requests and issues reported by github users, while Gitlab's repository will provide the wiki, documentation, and support for user reported issues.

A desktop application for handling vk.com in an easy way.

download the current build

Socializer's functionality is far to be perfect, in fact there are lots of methods of the VK API that this application doesn't support right now, but if you are curious enough, and you want to help by giving me your impressions and making tests for fixing bugs, you can download the last source code, compiled as an application. This is the snapshot build of socializer. This version is only for testing purposes, never think that it can be used for everyday use. This version does not include any documentation, Only the changelog, because it's build with an authomatic process.

Before downloading, take in to account the following: This source code is completely experimental. The current functionality in this application is not very useful. If you decide to use nightly build versions, take into account that this doesn't work as an application for everyday use yet.

Version: 2016.07.9
Build date: Jul 9 2016
Download socializer

I have started this effort as an open source project on Feb 13, 2016. Pull requests and bug reports are welcome.

dependencies not installed by PIP

For other dependencies, do pip install --upgrade -r requirements.txt


I am trying to write an updated manual for socializer. It can be found in the documentation folder once the program zip file is uncompressed, or in the manual.md file (in markdown). The idea of this manual is to be updated as socializer receives new features or improvements.

A copy of the English version of the manual can be read here: Manual in the socializer's wiki


If you are interested in this project, you can help it by translating this program into your native language and give more people the possibility of using it. Thank you in advance!


If you have questions, don't esitate to contact me in Twitter, or sending me an email to manuel(at)manuelcortez(dot)net. Just replace the words in parentheses with the original signs.