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TCP proxy that inspects the TLS handshake for server name extension then proxies the request
C Shell
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Proxies TLS and HTTP requests to backend servers based on SNI (server name indication) TLS extension.


  • Namebased proxying of HTTPS without decrypting traffic. No keys or certificates required.
  • Also supports HTTP
  • Support IPv4, IPv6 and Unix domain sockets for both backend servers and listeners
  • Multiple listeners per daemon


Usage: sni_proxy [-c <config>] [-f]
    -c  configruation file, defaults to /etc/sni_proxy.conf
    -f  run in foreground, do not drop privileges

Configuration Syntax

user daemon

listener 443 {
    protocol tls
    table "TableName"

table "TableName" {
    # Match exact request hostnames      4343 2001:DB8::1:10  443
    # Or use PCRE to match
    .*\\.com    2001:DB8::1:11  443
    # Combining PCRE and wildchard will resolve the hostname client requested and proxy to it
    .*\\.edu    *               443
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