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This is an (unobtrusive) desktop application that can help you track the time you spend on tasks every day. If you are interested, download the JAR of the last version or clone this repo. If you feel like criticize or better yet send "patches", feel free to fork this repo and send pull requests.


The simples way to use this application is to download the latest JAR from the "Downloads" section up here and run it, for example from the command line:

java -jar tracktime-<VERSION>-standalone.jar

That's it. All your completed tasks will be stored in the tasks.csv file that will be created in the same directory of the JAR file.


See the documentation for what functions you can use. Otherwise, you can generate it yourself with Marginalia using lein:

lein marg

This way you'll find the freshly compiled documentation into the docs directory.

You can also use kibit to check the code:

lein plugin install jonase/kibit 0.0.2
lein kibit


Copyright © 2012 Manuel Paccagnella

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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