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I've not worked on this for quite some time, and in the meantime Salesforce have provided Agile Accelerator

Scrumforce is a app I plan to put on the AppExchange that provides the ability to manage SCRUM agile projects.

Various records can be entered to portray the types information within a SCRUM team namely:
- Epic- A large User Story, generally too big to fit into a single Sprint. Useful for high level 'road map'/
'release planning'.
- Theme – A set of related User Stories. Useful for high level 'road map' / 'release planning'.
- User Story - Includes 'User Stories' as well as Bugs and other items that may not have originated from
  the Product Backlog.
- User Story Task - Sprint Backlog Tasks for a piece of User Story.
- Sprint - A collection of pieces of User Story to be worked on over a period of time.

The system takes care of regular snapshots of rolled up Sprint information (i.e., remaining points and hours)
which are stored as 'Sprint Burndowns' and then charted on the Sprint page layout.

If you need to run the snapshot code adhoc (it will only ever create maximum one record per day per Sprint):
SprintBurndownNightlyRollup sbnr = new SprintBurndownNightlyRollup();

As much as possible standard Salesforce platform functionality has been used to create this application
and Apex development has been only used as necessary.

- A Virtual Wall to drag and drop User Story Tasks to update status as well as edit User Story Task information

Story Point scale: 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 20, 40, 100, ?
0: simple field, page layout update, list view
1: complex field / very simple object (<2 fields)
2: simple object (3 > 5 fields, tab, page layouts, search layouts, app)
3: complex object (>5 fields) / very simple trigger, class, VF page
5: simple trigger, class, VF page
8: complex trigger, class, VF page
13: very complex trigger, class, VF page (consider decomposing if possible)
20: business process (needs decomposing) EPIC
40: business system (needs decomposing) EPIC
100: business concept (needs decomposing) EPIC

Sprints = 2 hours

See for current Story backlog



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