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Data cleaning and EDA heavy project to infer real estate prices in Ames, Iowa based on County database
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Kaggle Submission Descriptions.txt

Project Two ... Ames Iowa Housing Data Analysis

   Manu Kalia Regression Project
   25 - Mar - 2019

Kaggle Competition using Ames Iowa Housing Data to Predict Sale Price


Given the provided real estate transaction information in Ames, Iowa…
Can you predict/ explain Sale Price, given the other 80 columns of information (about 2051 rows)?


After conducting data cleaning and EDA with some care, some columns were dropped, others were made numerical. Looked at some preliminary correlations to SalePrice. Three sets of features were assembled: set of 73, set of 33, and set of 82 features. All were used in linear regression pipelines employing standard scaling. both lass and ridge regularizations were applied. In one case PolynomialFeatures was tried, as was PowerTransform. Ultimately, the first attempt, with 73 features and lasso regularization was both a good score and interpretable, and is considered the best solution to this project.

Pipeline Train Score Test Score RMSE Interpretation / Comments / Conclusion
pipe1_lasso 0.885539 0.838231 31471.89 73 features, LassoCV() regularization, scaled
pipe1_ridge 0.889490 0.829837 32278.14 73 features, RidgeCV() regularization, scaled
. . . . .
pipe2_lasso 0.884607 0.836931 31598.11 33 features, LassoCV() regularization, scaled
pipe2_ridge 0.884645 0.837096 31582.17 33 features, RidgeCV() regularization, scaled
. . . . .
pipe2_poly_lasso 0.943194 0.793612 35548.20 33 feat, Poly, Lasso, scaled ... extemely overfit
pipe2_poly_ridge 0.964645 0.787116 36103.29 33 feat, Poly, Lasso, scaled ... extemely overfit
. . . . .
regr2 0.859595 0.669053 45014.78 33 feat, PowerTransformed, Lasso regularizzation


• SalePrice - the property's sale price in dollars. Numerical None
• MSSubClass: The building class Numerical None
• MSZoning: Identifies the general zoning classification of the sale. Categorical Future mapping to numerical?
• LotFrontage: Linear feet of street connected to property Numerical None
• LotArea: Lot size in square feet Numerical None
• Street: Type of road access to property Categorical Map to numerical
• Alley: Type of alley access to property Categorical Not Used
• LotShape: General shape of property Categorical Map to numerical
• LandContour: Flatness of the property Categorical Map to numerical
• Utilities: Type of utilities available Categorical Map to numerical
• LotConfig: Lot configuration Categorical Get dummies
• LandSlope: Slope of property Categorical Map to numerical
• Neighborhood: Physical locations within Ames city limits Categorical Get dummies
• Condition1: Proximity to main road or railroad Categorical Not Used
• Condition2: Proximity to main road or railroad (if a second is present) Categorical Not Used
• BldgType: Type of dwelling Categorical Not Used
• HouseStyle: Style of dwelling Categorical Not Used
• OverallQual: Overall material and finish quality Numerical None
• OverallCond: Overall condition rating Redundant
• YearBuilt: Original construction date Numerical None
• YearRemodAdd: Remodel date (same as construction date if no remodeling or additions) Numerical None
• RoofStyle: Type of roof Categorical Not Used
• RoofMatl: Roof material Categorical Not Used
• Exterior1st: Exterior covering on house Categorical Not Used
• Exterior2nd: Exterior covering on house (if more than one material) Categorical Not Used
• MasVnrType: Masonry veneer type Categorical Not Used
• MasVnrArea: Masonry veneer area in square feet Numerical None
• ExterQual: Exterior material quality Categorical Map to numerical
• ExterCond: Present condition of the material on the exterior Categorical Redundant
• Foundation: Type of foundation Categorical Not Used
• BsmtQual: Height of the basement Categorical Map to numerical
• BsmtCond: General condition of the basement Categorical Redundant
• BsmtExposure: Walkout or garden level basement walls Categorical Map to numerical
• BsmtFinType1: Quality of basement finished area Categorical Map to numerical
• BsmtFinSF1: Type 1 finished square feet Numerical None
• BsmtFinType2: Quality of second finished area (if present) Categorical Map to numerical
• BsmtFinSF2: Type 2 finished square feet Numerical None
• BsmtUnfSF: Unfinished square feet of basement area Numerical None
• TotalBsmtSF: Total square feet of basement area Numerical None
• Heating: Type of heating Categorical Not Used
• HeatingQC: Heating quality and condition Categorical Map to numerical
• CentralAir: Central air conditioning Categorical Map to numerical
• Electrical: Electrical system Categorical Not Used
• 1stFlrSF: First Floor square feet Numerical None
• 2ndFlrSF: Second floor square feet Numerical None
• LowQualFinSF: Low quality finished square feet (all floors) Numerical None
• GrLivArea: Above grade (ground) living area square feet Numerical None
• BsmtFullBath: Basement full bathrooms Numerical None
• BsmtHalfBath: Basement half bathrooms Numerical None
• FullBath: Full bathrooms above grade Numerical None
• HalfBath: Half baths above grade Numerical None
• Bedroom: Number of bedrooms above basement level Numerical None
• Kitchen: Number of kitchens Numerical None
• KitchenQual: Kitchen quality Categorical Map to numerical
• TotRmsAbvGrd: Total rooms above grade (does not include bathrooms) Numerical None
• Functional: Home functionality rating Categorical Map to numerical
• Fireplaces: Number of fireplaces Numerical None
• FireplaceQu: Fireplace quality Categorical Map to numerical
• GarageType: Garage location Categorical Not Used
• GarageYrBlt: Year garage was built Numerical None
• GarageFinish: Interior finish of the garage Categorical Map to numerical
• GarageCars: Size of garage in car capacity Numerical None
• GarageArea: Size of garage in square feet Numerical None
• GarageQual: Garage quality Categorical Map to numerical
• GarageCond: Garage condition Categorical Redundant
• PavedDrive: Paved driveway Categorical Map to numerical
• WoodDeckSF: Wood deck area in square feet Numerical None
• OpenPorchSF: Open porch area in square feet Numerical None
• EnclosedPorch: Enclosed porch area in square feet Numerical None
• 3SsnPorch: Three season porch area in square feet Numerical None
• ScreenPorch: Screen porch area in square feet Numerical None
• PoolArea: Pool area in square feet Numerical None
• PoolQC: Pool quality Categorical Map to numerical
• Fence: Fence quality Categorical Not Used
• MiscFeature: Miscellaneous feature not covered in other categories Categorical Not Used
• MiscVal: $Value of miscellaneous feature Numerical None
• MoSold: Month Sold Numerical None
• YrSold: Year Sold Numerical None
• SaleType: Type of sale Categorical Future mapping to numerical?

Conclusions and Recommendations

With $R^2$ scores of around 0.83, the linear regressions run on this particular dataset, with the null-value-filling and selective multicollinear column dropping done here has had a relatively robust result. With the usual caveats that the underlying drivers could change in the future, we can nevertheless provide some concrete interpretations and recommendations regarding the Ames, IA housing market.

Please refer to the notebook cells in the "Conclusions and Recommendations" Section at the end. In that section's cells, the absolute values of the coefficients that are the 25 most impactful are listed. To get the direction of the impact (positive or negative) look at the two cells below that. The impacts can be as high as paying an additional $111,000 to live in Green Hills versus the Somerset neighborhood ($116,000 - $15,000), for a house that is identical in all other respects.

Outside of location, there are also specific types of quality improvements that are impactful on Sale Price, such as Basement Quality, Garage Quality, and Exterior Quality. Making one-level improvements on the quality scale can net the owner $9,500 - $13,000 per quality category.

In looking at the p-values, we can also see that Total above-grade square footage, along with Overall Quality are the highest correlated metrics to Sale Price. The coefficients might be lower, but that is only on an unscaled basis. All in all, the linear regressions have generated inferences that are intuitive and actionable.

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