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Data visualization plugin for .NET decompilers, currently supporting ILSpy and Reflector

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Assembly Visualizer

Assembly Visualizer is a data visualization plugin for .NET decompilers, currently supporting ILSpy and Reflector.

Copyright 2011 - 2013 Denis Markelov
Licensed under the Microsoft Public License

Included open-source libraries

  • GraphSharp: Ms-PL
  • QuickGraph: Ms-PL
  • WPFExtensions: Ms-PL


Assembly browser

Type hierarchies visualizer, starting from the superclass.
Usage: 'Browse Assembly' context menu item for assemblies,
'Visualize Descendants' context menu item for types.

Ancestry browser

Type hierarchy visualizer from selected type to the inheritance root.
Usage: 'Browse Ancestry' context menu item for types.

Interaction browser

Type member interactions visualizer.
Usage: 'Browse Interactions' context menu item for types.

Dependency browser

Assembly references visualizer.
Usage: 'Browse Dependencies' context menu item for assemblies.

How to start to use a plugin

Download the latest build from the Downloads section, put assembly into the folder with your decompiler's
executable. For Reflector you also need to add it explicitly at Tools -> Add-Ins window.

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