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Get beautiful color palettes for UI design.
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Let's be honest, there are a lot of color palette generators out there. So why make another one?

Most color palette apps will just give you about five randomly generated colors. Although this might work for some things, UI design requires a different approach.

When you're designing a website or app, what you really need is one main color (usually the brand color) for buttons and the like, maybe an accent color, and a lot of neutral greys for text, backgrounds, forms—basically the bulk of your app.

UIPalette not only gives you these colors, but it also generates a wide range of shades for each. This way you can use the lightest shades for backgrounds and the darkest shades for text. Having pre-defined colors like this helps your design stay consistent.

(BTW, this approach is inspired by Adam Wathan & Steve Schoger's Refactoring UI. Check out their great book on the topic here).

Planned Features

UIPalette is currently in open beta. This means that it is in a usable state, but there are still some bugs and missing features that will be amended by the full release.

Here is a list of planned features that are currently being worked on:

  • Responsive design, optimized for mobile.
  • Deleting and editing saved color palettes.
  • Generating palettes from existing colors.
  • Locking colors.
  • Exporting color palettes in JSON, PDF, and PNG format.
  • RGB, HSV, and CMYK color modes.
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