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GEstimator is a simple civil estimation software written in Python and GTK+. GEstimator can prepare estimates along with rate analysis and supports multiple databases.
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GEstimator is a civil estimation software for preparing cost estimates of civil/electrical works along with detailed rate analysis. It supports multiple user databases and comes bundled with DSR 2016 (Civil) and DSR 2016 (E&M).

The program is organised in two tabs - Schedule Items and Resource Items. Schedule Items implements an interface to input the estimate schedule/import the schedule from a .xlsx file. On editing (Edit) any schedule item an Analysis View is displayed allowing edit of the rate analysis. Resource Items allows input/manipulation of the resources like material, labour and tools/plants upon which the rate analysis will be framed.

The estimates can be rendered into a .xlsx document from Menu->Export.... The exported sheet includes - the schedule of rates for the work, schedule of resources, resource usage for the work and analysis of rates for various items of work.



Latest source code and binaries for GEstimator can be downloaded from this page under Releases.

Source installation

Application can be installed using python install. It has been tested with Python 3.4 and Gtk 3.18, and has the following extra dependencies.


Python 3 (v3.5)

Python Modules:

  • undo - Included along with distribution.
  • openpyxl (v2.5.1) - Not included
  • appdirs (v1.4.3) - Not included
  • jdcal - Not included
  • et_xmlfile - Not included
  • peewee (v3.2.0) - Not included
  • pyblake2 - Not included
  • pycairo - Not included
  • PyGObject - Not included

GTK3 (v3.30)

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