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#! python3
from roman import toRoman, fromRoman
import sys
class RomanConvertor:
def roman_magic(self, v1, op, v2):
rom_v1 = str(fromRoman(v1))
rom_v2 = str(fromRoman(v2))
operation = rom_v1+op+rom_v2
return toRoman(eval(operation))
def main(self, v1, op, v2):
return self.roman_magic(v1.upper(), op, v2.upper())
if __name__ == '__main__':
v1, op, v2 = sys.argv[1:]
rom_conv = RomanConvertor()
print(rom_conv.main(v1, op, v2))
# tests
rom_conv = RomanConvertor()
assert rom_conv.main('I', '+', 'II') == 'III'
assert rom_conv.main('II', '-', 'I') == 'I'
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