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This is a collection of libraries for the Arduino. To use these libraries copy them into the libraries folder in your Arduino IDE directory.

Some of the code is based on code written by others. We have tried to provide references for uses of outside code; let us know if you see anything that needs additional references.

If you have questions about the code, email


This library provides a uniform interface for a variety of sensors and other hardware. It includes a command processing module and other communication tools. It depends on a variety of third-party libraries (for different hardware devices). This library intended to be a general purpose system used by a variety of Manylabs sketches.

There's more information in the Wiki here: WireGarden


This library provides a simple interface for sending data to a server via WiFi. It depends on the WiFly library from Seeed Studio.


This library provides a simple interface for sending data to a server via GPRS.


This library allows file-like input/output using the flash memory device found on the SODAQ board. It depends on the dataflash library from the SODAQ developers.


This library allows you to use an OLED display as a serial-like stream object for displaying data. It is intended for diagnostic purposes in cases where a serial connection isn't useable. It depends on the Seeed OLED library.


This library provides a serial-like interface to the BLE Shield from Red Bear Lab. It depends on the BLE library provided by Red Bear Lab.


This library provides a simple function to generate an authentication header for the Manylabs Data API. The header can be written to a buffer or directly to a Stream. It depends on the Cryptosuite library (sha256.h).

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