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Boomi Flow Reporting

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This application gives you the ability to process reporting data created by your Boomi Flow states, and store it in your internal systems. It currently supports storing events, states and state values.


You will need to run your own instance of the application, but it's easy to spin up if you follow these instructions:


If you choose to store your reporting data in a database, you will find example schemas for the supported databases in the src/main/sql folder. Currently, only PostgreSQL is supported.


The available configuration settings for the application are:

  • database.type: Currently supported values are postgres and null (defaults to null)
  • database.url: A JDBC connection string, e.g. jdbc:postgresql://localhost/reporting
  • database.username
  • database.password

Environment Variables

If you choose to configure the application at runtime, by using environment variables, you will need to run the application like so:

$ DATABASE_TYPE=postgres DATABASE_URL=jdbc:postgresql://localhost/reporting DATABASE_USERNAME=postgres DATABASE_PASSWORD=password java -jar target/reporting-*.jar


A docker-compose.yml manifest is supplied, with some example configuration settings. Feel free to modify it to suit your requirements, and start it using:

$ docker-compose up

More documentation on using Docker Compose can be found here.


If you are running the application on Heroku along with one of their relational database addons, no further configuration is necessary as the provided JDBC_DATABASE_URL has all the needed information and is detected automatically.

You can perform a one-click deploy of the application here:

Deploy to Heroku

Properties File

If you choose to configure the application using a properties file, you will need to have Apache Ant installed, then you can generate a configuration file by running the provided build.xml script:

$ ant -Ddatabase.type=postgres -Ddatabase.url=jdbc:postgresql://localhost/reporting -Ddatabase.username=postgres -Ddatabase.password=password


To build the service, you will need to have Maven 3 and a Java 8 implementation installed (OpenJDK and Oracle Java SE are both supported).

Now you can build the runnable shaded JAR:

$ mvn clean package


The application is a Jersey JAX-RS application, that by default is run under the Grizzly2 server on port 8080 (if you use the packaged JAR).


Running the following command will start the service listening on

$ java -jar target/reporting-*.jar

Custom Port

You can specify a custom port to run the application on by passing the server.port property when running the JAR. The following command will start the service listening on port 9090 (

$ java -Dserver.port=9090 -jar target/reporting-*.jar


Contributions are welcome to the project - whether they are feature requests, improvements or bug fixes! Refer to for our contribution requirements.


This service is released under the MIT License.


An application to process and store incoming reporting data from Boomi Flow




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