A service that enables Flow authentication using SAML
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SAML Authentication service

This service allows you to authenticate in yours flow using saml.

This service is under active development and is not stable.


To build the service, you will need to have Apache Ant, Maven 3 and a Java 8, and a redis database.

You will need to generate a configuration file for the service by running the provided build.xml script with Ant, and passing in a valid URL to a Redis instance:

$ ant -Dredis.url=redis.company.net

Now you can build the runnable shaded JAR:

$ mvn clean package


The service is a Jersey JAX-RS application, that by default is run under the Grizzly2 server on port 8080 (if you use the packaged JAR).


Running the following command will start the service listening on

$ java -jar target/saml-2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
Custom Port

You can specify a custom port to run the service on by passing the server.port property when running the JAR. The following command will start the service listening on port 9090 (

$ java -Dserver.port=9090 -jar target/saml-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar


Contribution are welcome to the project - whether they are feature requests, improvements or bug fixes! Refer to CONTRIBUTING.md for our contribution requirements.


This service is released under the MIT License.