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ManyWho UI Cordova

Cordova container for running ManyWho flows as apps on mobile devices.


  • NodeJS
  • Cordova
  • Xcode for iOS apps
  • Android Studio / SDK for android apps

If you are unfamiliar with cordova and / or building mobile apps you should go through the really good cordova tutorial:

If you can get a cordova app running on an iOS or Android device / emulator then you are ready to go.


Make sure your flow is published before running the build.

npm install
npm run build

This will download the latest version of the UI assets and update index.html with the specified tenant id, flow id and flow version id.

If you choose to run the flow offline you will also be promted for a username and password.

The build command optionally accepts two arguments:

cdnBaseUrl [default -]
apiBaseUrl [default -]


npm run build -- --apiBaseUrl="" --cdnBaseUrl=""

Alternatively, to use local dependencies:

  • Install the dependencies for each ui-* project (consult their respective readme's for details)
  • Run the watcher or a static build for each ui-* project, such that the --build switch points to the www directory in this project


Run using the standard cordova command line e.g.

cordova prepare android
cordova run android

cordova prepare ios
cordova run ios

The browersync plugin is included which will auto reload the app when changes to the assets are made, append -- --live-reload to enable this.

More details on available commands can be found here


Contributions are welcome to the project - whether they are feature requests, improvements or bug fixes! Refer to for our contribution requirements.


ui-cordova is released under our shared source license:


ManyWho Offline for Cordova



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