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ManyWho UI HTML5

The HTML5 framework bundles the ui-core & ui-bootstrap to render ManyWho Flows in the browser. The framework is built upon some standard front end technologies including:

React Rendering of the various UI components & containers
Bootstrap Styling and some component behavior e.g. tabs
Bootswatch Themes
LogLevel Logging
Moment Date & Time manipulation
Numbro Number formatting Real-time collaboration



To build the HTML5 player you will need to have nodejs, gulp and typings installed.

Install Dependecies:

npm install
cd ui-core
npm install
cd ../ui-bootstrap
npm install


You will need to start the watchers in the ui-core & ui-bootstrap directories with:


npm start --"../ui-html5/build"


npm start

or to start ui-core, ui-bootstrap and ui-html5 and watch for changes

npm run dev

Alternatively if you don't require the UI to listen for changes to the assets but want to build them you can run:

npm run build

You can start the dev server alone by running:

npm start

This will auto refresh the browser when any changes are made to the static resource files (JS, CSS, HTML, etc).

You can then initialize a Flow with:


Or join a Flow with:


If you don't have a State ID you can get it entering manywho.state.getState().id in the browser console once the Flow is running.


Contributions are welcome to the project - whether they are feature requests, improvements or bug fixes! Refer to for our contribution requirements.


The UI framework is released under our shared source license: