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Advanced plugin-based live wallpaper program for windows. Have a video, website or a plugin-managed background on your desktop!
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Displayus Logo

Displayus is an advanced plugin based live wallpaper program which will to bring your desktop to life.
It is written using C# and Electron(Node.js, HTML and css).


Download latest version of Displayus from our website:

Current Displayus Version: 0.1.2-beta

Note: Displayus is currently in beta phase, so if you encounter any problem submit issue here.



  • Plugin Based : You can choose, download and install your prefered plugins from our website or a file(.dus extention).
  • Customization : Customize your item with options plugins provide you.
  • Easy Management : Easily preview, select, edit, delete or make wallpaper items from plugins.
  • Web Plugin : Pre-installed web plugin to set a website as your desktop background.
  • Media Plugin : Pre-installed media plugin to set a video file, gif or image file as your desktop background.
  • Wallpaperus Plugin : Pre-installed wallpaper plugin to download and show different wallpapers based on your chosen favorite tags.
  • Sound Visualization Plugins : You can set sound visualization plugins as your background and play a music on your computer to use them.
  • Fullscreen Detection : Wallpapers automatically stop doing heavy operations when a fullscreen program like a game is open.
  • Interactive Backgrounds : You can interact with backgrounds on your desktop.


Read development documentation here.

  • Easy API : An easy to use "Displayus API" with advanced features to access required information for a desktop background.
  • Web Technologies* : Plugin development is done using web technologies(ElectronJS, NodejS, HTML and CSS) so you can make plugins with almost any feature you want.
  • Item Management : Easily implement your own way for users to edit, add, and preview items.
  • Mouse and Keyboard Events : Event handlers for mouse and keyboard events are available.
  • Connect Inputs : Connect user mouse or/and keyboard input to your background app with a single line of code.
  • Desktop Icons : Easily get desktop icon positions so you can avoid them and important information or controls can be always visible.
  • Global Events : Detect when an important event happens(like another app become fullscreen to stop rendering background) with an event listener.
  • Easy Deployment : Easily deploy your plugin to an installable .dus file so other users can use it.
  • Your developed plugins can be added to official website or as a pre-installed plugin to app, contact me if you want it to be added.

*Note : More programming languages are planned to be added, if you want next language to be your favorite one email me:


Copyright © 2017 Manzik. All Rights Reserved.

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