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maoe commented Dec 16, 2014

Thanks. I'll merge this and fix the failing test tomorrow since I have no computer at the moment.

@maoe maoe commented on the diff Dec 16, 2014
@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@
{-# LANGUAGE KindSignatures #-}
{-# LANGUAGE RankNTypes #-}
{-# LANGUAGE TypeFamilies #-}
+{-# LANGUAGE ScopedTypeVariables #-}
maoe Dec 16, 2014 Owner

I don't think this extension is necessary.

maoe commented Dec 17, 2014

I found waitEither_ to be inconsistent with waitEither. I've pushed a test case to illustrate the issue.

There's a fundamental question when using lifted-async with respect to the monadic effects in a forked computation. That is, should the waiting functions discard all the monadic effects (besides IO), or should they restore the effects? I think the only reasonable answer to the question would be the former, discarding all the effects. But the current lifted-async does the latter (and there's a ticket (#2) for this). Why?

The problem is that we can't get a out of StM m a without using restoreM, which always restores the monadic effects as the name suggests. If there was a way to get a result value without restoring its monadic effects, we could fix the issue. I guess basvandijk/monad-control#12 is the feature we need here.

So for now, lifted-async restores the monadic effects. If you use liftBase in waitEither_, it becomes inconsistent with waitEither because the former discards the effects but the latter restores them.

As far as I understand, we can't write waitEither_ in terms of waitEither due to ambiguous types unfortunately.

Should we accept the inconsistency and add a big caution in haddock, or should we stick to monad-control < 1.0 and ask the author of monad-control to get something like basvandijk/monad-control#12 in?

What do you think?


Ah, that makes perfect sense.

I think any semantics is ok, but please document this subtlety in the haddocks.

The reason why I think it's ok is that every time you're using monad-control with a stack where StM m a does not equal a, you're asking for trouble. I only use lifting to pass configuration parameters (a stack of ReaderTs and similar transformers).


Also, you can write waitEither_ in terms of waitEither by introducing a proxy (this one does need ScopedTypeVariables):

  :: forall a b m . MonadBaseControl IO m
  => Proxy (a,b)
  -> Async (StM m a)
  -> Async (StM m b)
  -> m ()
waitEither_ _ a b = void (waitEither a b :: m (Either a b))
@feuerbach feuerbach referenced this pull request in snoyberg/lifted-async Dec 22, 2014
@snoyberg snoyberg Fix some monad-control 1.0 breakage
Unfortunately doesn't fix everything, and I'm stumped on the last bit,

[1 of 1] Compiling Control.Concurrent.Async.Lifted (
dist/build/Control/Concurrent/Async/Lifted.o )

    Could not deduce (StM m b0 ~ StM m b)
    from the context (MonadBaseControl IO m)
      bound by the type signature for
                 waitEither_ :: MonadBaseControl IO m =>
                                Async (StM m a) -> Async (StM m b) -> m
      at src/Control/Concurrent/Async/Lifted.hs:(263,6)-(266,9)
    NB: ‘StM’ is a type function, and may not be injective
    The type variable ‘b0’ is ambiguous
    Expected type: Async (StM m a) -> Async (StM m b) -> m ()
      Actual type: Async (StM m a0) -> Async (StM m b0) -> m ()
    In the ambiguity check for:
      forall (m :: * -> *) a b.
      MonadBaseControl IO m =>
      Async (StM m a) -> Async (StM m b) -> m ()
    To defer the ambiguity check to use sites, enable
    In the type signature for ‘waitEither_’:
      waitEither_ :: MonadBaseControl IO m =>
                     Async (StM m a) -> Async (StM m b) -> m ()
maoe commented Dec 22, 2014

I just pushed some changes to feature/7-feurbach on top of your commits. The summary of the changes is as follows:

  • Fix the failing test case for waitEither_.
  • Add a few haddock comments about the behavior of monadic effects.
  • Add Control.Concurrent.Async.Lifted.Safe module which is only applicable when StM m a ~ a.
    • Caveat: With this constraints, we can't write Applicative/Monad instances for Concurrently.

If we could write those instances for Concurrently that would be great but I couldn't come up with any good idea. Could you review the changes?


Yeah, I hope to find the time to review during the next few days..


If you have a separate "Safe" module for StM m a ~ a, it seems strange that functions in that module have types with StM m a. I would expect something like

async :: (MonadBaseControl IO m, StM m a ~ a) => m a -> m (Async a)

Such a type would be easier to read, and would actually provide safety in that you wouldn't be able to accidentally spawn an effectful thread and discard its effects.


Looking at Concurrent now. First question: if the main instances (Applicative, etc.) only support b ~ IO, why is Concurrent even parameterized on b? It'd be easier just to make it IO and remove the b parameter.


Here's what I mean:

newtype Concurrently m a = Concurrently { runConcurrently :: m a }
instance (Functor m) => Functor (Concurrently m) where
  fmap f (Concurrently a) = Concurrently $ f <$> a
instance (MonadBaseControl IO m) => Applicative (Concurrently m) where
  pure = Concurrently . pure
  Concurrently fs <*> Concurrently as =
    Concurrently $ uncurry ($) <$> concurrently fs as

Here's a sketch of how a "safe" Concurrently can be implemented using the constraints package:

maoe commented Dec 25, 2014


The safer signature in the Safe module is a good idea. I'll fix that.

As for the b parameter in Concurrently, that's a workaround for avoiding UndecidableInstances. That was introduced in #4 deliberately.

Concurrently using the constraints package is quite interesting. I think I'm going to switch to it.

@maoe maoe merged commit 764fc2e into maoe:develop Dec 28, 2014

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maoe commented Dec 28, 2014

Just released as v0.3.0. Thanks!

@maoe maoe referenced this pull request in simonmar/async Feb 11, 2015

Support MonadIO instead of IO. #16

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