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Please see docstring for more details on how to run the program..

Basic requirements:
1. Python2.6 or higher with NLTK and NumPy modules available for import
2. The following files are being opened using fixed name (string) and relative path, so they must be in the same folder as and have this exact name:
   a. - the training file
   b. MaxEntCreatModel.jar
   c. MaxEntPredict.jar
4. To run the jar files, the JVM

Running the program:
Usage: python2.6 [TestingFileName] [OutputFileName]
where TestingFileName is the path to the testing file including the filename and OutputFileName is the path of the desired output file. 

The program will produce the file [OutputFileName] based on the argument given and that file can be fed to conlleval.

The program also creates many "intermediate" files that can be safely deleted with the following command:
rm features.dat featuresModel.txt features.test 
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