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A Haskell and Elm implementation of Mastermind

This game emulates a game of Mastermind with three different modes:

  1. Human solver: in this mode the computer creates a secret code and the user tries to solve it on the console. This is the defeault mode
  2. Hill Climbing: in this mode it is the user that thinks of a secret code and the computer uses a Heuristic Hill Climbing algorithm to solve it
  3. Web Server: This mode is the backend server for my Elm Fronend

Live Demo


  1. Install Haskell Stack
  2. run stack build && PORT=3000 stack exec mastermind [ARG] where ARG can be one of:
  3. hill_climbing -> for the hill climbing console mode
  4. server_mode -> for the hill climbing server mode. 1. For this mode you'll need to set the PORT environment variable.
  5. Or if left blank it will default to the human solver mode

For front-end

  1. [Optional] update server_url in Main.elm to point to your local server
  2. cd client && npm start
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