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Appfolders Management

for GNOME Shell 3.28 to 3.32

After 3.33, GNOME Shell handles this feature natively.

A GNOME Shell extension allowing easy management of "appfolders" directly from the applications view.

Available in :

A huge thank you to all translators!

Current version

Features :

  • Create new folders

  • Delete folders

  • Rename folders

  • Add a category to a folder

  • Remove a category from a folder

  • Add applications to folders

  • Remove applications from folders

Screenshot which isn't the current version at all (in french, sorry)

Screenshot of the dialog for editing an appfolder (in french, sorry)

(categories are defined by a freedesktop standard, see this section to learn more about additional categories available)

Drag-and-drop is possible.


Recommended way to do

Install it from or from GNOME Software.

Manual installation

  • Download the .zip archive and extract files in ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/
  • Restart GNOME Shell.
  • Enable the extension.

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